Discover PARCUM


Visit PARCUM with a guide and discover more! A guide takes you on an hour and a half journey through the ‘(Un)worldly. Images of seclusion and liberation’ exhibition.

Groups who want to see more of the abbey can supplement this tour with a visit to the abbey site. After a visit to the exhibition the guide will take you on an extra half an hour tour of the site.

Practical info

  • Exhibition visit
    • Duration: one and a half hours
    • Price: 70 euros for the guide + admission PARCUM
  • Exhibition visit + abbey
    • Duration: one and a half hours + half an hour
    • Price: 90 euros for the guide + admission PARCUM
  • More information can be found on the site of PARCUM

Visit Park Abbey

Abdij van Park

A guide takes you to the heart of the abbey under restoration. During the tour you are given a unique look behind the scenes of different sections of the building, such as the cloister, the chapter house, etc.

Tours can be booked as of 25 October. Please note that not all parts of the abbey building are accessible to the public due to the ongoing restoration works!

Practical info

  • Two choices::
    • 1. Tour of the abbey buildings with information about the rich history
    • 2. Tour of the abbey and the surrounding abbey site, with an exclusive visit to the Convent Garden, the beehive, the old orchard, and the vegetable garden
  • Duration: one and a half hours
  • Price: 70 euros for the guide + 5 euros a person (max. 25 persons per guide)
  • Language: Dutch, French, English, German
  • Reservations: T +32 (0)16 40 01 51 or info@abdijvanpark.be