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Visitors about Park Abbey: Manuel & Leilani

Manuel aan de Abdij van Park

Manuel, 29, from the Netherlands visited Park Abbey together with his girlfriend, Leilani, 25. “We fully enjoyed the ambiance of the Abbey. There’s nothing like it in Amsterdam.”

Locals about Park Abbey: Asli

Asli at Park Abbey

Asli is a fervent visitor of parks all over the world. The Park Abbey has a special place in her heart. “You can admire the beauty of nature at the abbey. I love the historic, mystical atmosphere that surrounds the abbey.”

Locals about Park Abbey: Mano

Abdij van Park | Mano

Mano Jai (23) got to know the abbey as a student. “In my third year I chanced upon the abbey. Suddenly I was surrounded by green splendour! I am a nature lover and fell in love instantly.”

Locals about Park Abbey: Raf

Abdij van Park | Raf

Raf (42) regularly runs around Park Abbey. In September he even did that every day for the #3030 challenge. But Raf enjoys the beautiful natural splendour on and around the site even more. “It is a unique area.”

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Park Abbey

Abdij van Park 7
3001 Leuven