Leuven and Park Abbey & PARCUM

Abdij van Park

‘‘(Un)worldly. Images of Seclusion and Liberation’ exhibition, brings religious art out of the private world of Flemish monasteries and abbeys and shows it to the general public for the very first time. It explores the meaning of seclusion in religious life.

What drives a person to retreat into a closed monastic community and to live by strict rules? This exhibition takes you on a journey through the world of monks and nuns, recluses, and hermits..

The exhibition reveals never-before-seen art treasures of Flemish churches, monasteries and abbeys and shows them next to new and existing work of Mario De Brabandere, Marlene Dumas & Ann Veronica Janssens.


Time Activity

9.30 am

Arrival in Leuven with a cup of coffee
10.15 am

Meeting with the guide
• Option 1: walking tour 'frivolous pilgrimage'
Option 2: walking tour along the highlights of Leuven
Option 3: visit at the M-Treasury of Saint Peter and the permanent collection of M-Museum Leuven

12.30 pm Lunch in the centre of Leuven
You can also lunch at De Abdijmolen (Park Abbey) by paying a supplement
2.30 pm

Meeting with the guide at the reception of PARCUM
• Visit exhibition Bezoek aan de tentoonstelling (Un)worldly. Images of Seclusion and Liberation
• Short visit Park Abbeybdij van Park: a unique look behind the scenes of different sections
Attention! Please note that not all parts of the abbey are accessible due to ongoing restoration works

4.3 pm End of the daytrip


Prijzen & voorwaarden

Price per person:
(based on min. 20 and max. 25 participants or a multiple of this number)

With option 1 & 2 With option 3        
Daytrip with menu A: 33,50 euro Daytrip with menu A: 39,50 euro
Daytrip with menu B: 39 euro Daytrip with menu B: 45 euro
Daytrip with menu C: 39 euro Daytrip with menu C: 45 euro
Daytrip with menu D: 41,50 euro Daytrip with menu D: 47,50 euro


  • Danish pastry, pie or roll: + 3 euro per person


  • Tuesdays to Sundays

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